Raves and Reviews

“Brenda is top notch and knowledgable about everything she does. Brenda was able to help me on my career path journey, and I wish I could give her more than five stars. Not only was she helpful and caring, but she help me gain confidence that I did not have in regards to my professional life. Thank you Brenda!”
Laura Nielsen
Territory Manager – Sales and Service, Ontario
"Working with Brenda truly pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me discover so much about myself. Her insightful guidance and personalized approach helped me gain clarity and confidence in my career path. Highly recommend!"
Public Relations, Ontario
2nd Review! "Brenda has been a great help with my job search process. Her professional and clear guidance had made a difference on how I approach each company that I apply for; from advice and assistance on tailoring the resume and cover letter to the job posting to proofreading and providing key feedback and tips. She has been and continues to be very supportive throughout the process."
Administrative Assistant (Finance: Banking), Ontario
“Brenda was amazing! She helped me so much with little things that I would have no idea caused my resume to be overlooked. She gave me the confidence not only in my resume but in job search. I highly recommend Brenda’s service to anyone that is looking to spruce up their resume! She made me feel like a professional resume reviewer by the end! Thank you Brenda.”
Business Development Representative, Montreal, QC
"Working with Brenda was amazing! She helped me a lot to tweak my resume and cover letter. I would say she is the best Career Coach in the business!!"
Juan-David Leal
Industrial 3D Designer, Ontario
"Brenda was so helpful!! Went above and beyond. Would recommend her to anyone! 🙂 "
Community Relations/Child and Youth Counsellor, Ontario
“I very highly recommend seeking help from Brenda if you're looking for a career coach. I had a fantastic experience working with Brenda. I needed help organizing a unique career trajectory and how to present it to potential employers. She completely delivered and empowered me to completely overhaul my resume and cover letter while providing me some really invaluable insights. I feel great about how to approach job searches now and am confident, knowing I'll get good results from it. Our sessions never felt rushed and she showed genuine interest in my success. She always made sure I was getting what I was looking for out of the information she was sharing with me. Really happy with the way everything went.”
Raphael Attar
Product Manager, Ontario
"I really enjoyed working with Brenda. She put in an incredible effort to help me with not only my job search but also improving my resume and interview skills. You can tell she cares a great deal about her clients. She’s insightful and very knowledgeable, and is willing to go the extra mile! Would recommend to all. Thanks Brenda!"
Fintech, Ontario
"It was amazing working with Brenda. She helped me restructure my resume and I was able to gain a lot of insights about my resume and cover letter. She gave me a lot of support and ideas that helped me. It was a pleasure working with Brenda."
Healthcare Coordinator, Ontario
"Brenda is a very experienced and professional job coach. Her approach is efficient, polished and relevant to today's job market. Would highly recommend for any of her services!"
Supervisor - Federal Public Service, Ontario
"This is a follow up review from one I posted previously. After almost two months in my new position, I can confirm that it is a great fit and Brenda's guidance helped me land where I belong. I'm not only gainfully employed at a successful company, but for the first time that I can remember, I'm genuinely enjoying the work I'm doing. The fact that I was able to gain the position in only a matter of weeks after following Brenda's advice was definitely a bonus."
Proposal Writer/Manager, Ontario
"I can't speak highly enough of Brenda! She completely revamped my resume, making it much more effective and appealing. Her service is very personal and tailored exactly to the needs of the client. As well as changing things around, Brenda gives great insights as to how recruiters view resumes and cover letters, as well as setting you up with the know-how to tailor each resume to the job you are applying for. After all of that, I think the thing that has stood out to me the most, is the after care. Brenda sends out regular communications and has reached out to me to check in and see how things are going with my job searches. It is a level of client care that a lot of people neglect but Brenda goes above and beyond to let her clients know that she is there to help whenever they need. You can't ask for more than that!"
Andrew Sprawson
HR Professional, British Columbia
“Brenda helped me update my resume and cover letter which led me to get a job within two weeks of changing my documents. Brenda helped me gain confidence in my ability to get a job and gave me great strategies that helped me better present myself when applying for jobs. Her backdoor strategies package gave me so many ideas and helped me understand the way to go about applying jobs that is not solely based on job boards. I am really appreciative of Brenda's coaching. I have worked with her twice and in both instances I have had tremendous results. She is an expert in her field and gives great suggestions. Thank you Brenda for always supporting and guiding me.”
Program Coordinator (hospital), Ontario
Document Management Specialist, Ontario
“It was great working with Brenda. I feel like she understood my weak points and the areas of my career I really struggle with. Brenda helped me build confidence in myself and encouraged me consistently. After alterations to my resume/cover letter I can clearly see the difference it would make when sending in applications. Brenda has top notch understanding of the industry hiring standards and is up to date with the latest candidate requirements.”
Eabnat Tahsin
Junior Electrical Engineer, Ontario
"I did the job application package with Brenda and it was a fantastic experience. She is helpful, honest and really teaches you to take on your resume and applying for jobs on your own with confidence. I highly recommend Brenda for any of her coaching services."
Ashley M.
applying for Chief of Staff, Ontario
"Brenda Race is an incredible Career Coach and an amazing person! Her expertise is at the forefront of what she does and her program has propelled me into my new, happy career direction! Thank you for being so positive and providing such expert advice... I can't thank you enough!"
Proposal Writer, Ontario
“From the outset, I was immediately impressed with Brenda’s style… not pushy, she told me what she had to offer and how it works. I feel like we immediately connected. We worked together on resume and cover letter and also some interview prep. I am very pleased with the results of the letter and resume and am waiting to see if I get an interview! I would highly recommend!”
Supervisor, Patient Care and Service Delivery, Ontario
"Brenda was fantastic! She explained exactly why my resume wasn't getting me any interviews and drafted a new one for me. She went above and beyond in helping me to improve my employment application skills. You can tell she loves what she does and cares about her clients."
Office Manager, Alberta
"Exceptional Career Coach!! I had the privilege of working with Brenda Race as my career coach for last minute interview preparation. Brenda's expertise, guidance, and dedication were instrumental in helping me navigate the interview process with confidence and success. From the very beginning, Brenda demonstrated her deep understanding of the job market and the intricacies of the interview process. She took the time to thoroughly assess my skills, experiences, and career goals, tailoring her coaching approach to meet my specific needs. Brenda's ability to identify my strengths and areas for improvement allowed us to focus on targeted strategies to enhance my interview performance. Brenda's coaching style is both supportive and challenging. She provided constructive feedback and helped me identify my unique value proposition as a candidate. Through mock interviews, Brenda simulated real-life scenarios, allowing me to practice my responses and refine my communication skills. Her insightful feedback and guidance helped me articulate my experiences and achievements in a compelling and concise manner. Thanks to Brenda's exceptional coaching, I secured the last phase in the interview process which was a long shot in my desired field. Her guidance not only helped me succeed in the interview process but also equipped me with lifelong skills to excel in my career. I am incredibly grateful for Brenda's expertise and support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking to enhance their interview skills and achieve their professional goals."
Mansi Patel
Laboratory Technician, Alberta
"I can’t thank Brenda enough for everything she did for me. Her knowledge and first-class attention to details completely transformed my outdated resume and cover letter. Her smarts of the industry though are so much more diverse. Brenda’s very easy to talk to and so engaging with you. She had many ideas beyond what she was helping me with that would just add to what we were already building together. Brenda knows all the right job sites. She helped guide me not only to the right person, but showed me how to professionally engage with that person. Brenda knows how to fast track things so you are going straight to where you need to be. I’m not very articulate so all I can say is 1000 thanks Brenda. I had a new job two days after sending out my new personalized and job specific resume and cover letter. I couldn’t be happier."
Shawn V.
Truck Driver/Labourer, British Columbia
"Throughout my career, I have had career help with resumes and cover letters. Comparatively, the other services were far from what Brenda offered. Brenda is a quick and efficient communicator from start to finish. Extremely thorough and very easy to work with. I recommend Brenda to anyone looking for career support. She is the best!"
Nate Bedford
Director of Athletics and Recreation, Ontario
"I loved working with Brenda to prepare for my latest interview! Highly recommend!"
Intermediate Accountant, Alberta
"Brenda is a true star! During my free info session I knew I wanted to work with her. She took me on right away and fit me into her schedule so that I could meet an application deadline. She even worked on her off day so that we could expedite the process! Her sessions are informative, positive, and you can tell that she really cares. I am so pleased with my new documents, and I feel so much more confident with my newly acquired skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step - I only wish I worked with her sooner! Thank you Brenda!! "
Sales Specialist, Ontario
“Thank you Brenda for all your help while putting together my resume and cover letter. Also, for all your strategies on how to search for jobs. I enjoyed your sessions as they were insightful and personalized. I highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to understand Canada's job market. Brenda is the perfect coach for you!!”
Reading Specialist/Education Consultant, Ontario
"I can see a major difference in my pre and post-session resume. Her tips and suggestions also helped me channel my energy and work in the right direction."
Financial Analyst, British Columbia
"Brenda provided amazing tips and insights on how to translate my international experience into the Canadian workplace context. She also tailored our session to my needs."
Bilingual Senior Customer Success with SaaS, Ontario
“Brenda was incredibly knowledgeable, caring and genuine. She truly cares about her clients success and goes above and beyond to help! She helped create a professional resume with me and even gave me cover letter and interview tips which helped me land the job! Highly recommended as she is fantastic at what she does.”
Associate, Licensure and Professional Corp., Ontario
“Working with Brenda opened my eyes to the simplicity of organizing a proper resume. I am a person who likes a good process and organization, and Brenda hits the nail on the head. She keeps you on task and helps you to find the things about you and your qualifications that you may think aren't as valuable.”
Jenna M.
Certified Personal Trainer and Program Coordinator, Ontario
Professional, effective, caring, and easy to communicate. Brenda has exceptional experience and in-depth knowledge of the job market, what employers are looking for, and what you should prioritize to get your career in order. But she does not stop there and keeps up to date with all the latest trends and statistics, giving her clients the edge. Working with Brenda was one of the most impactful decisions I've made since moving to Canada. I was struggling with my approach to re-enter the job market and did not know where to start. From the first session, Brenda gave me precise guidance and direction which put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on my priorities. Brenda has specific recommendations on how to format your CV, Resume, Cover Letter, and References, and how to prepare for interviews which puts an end to your confusion due to contradictory views on the internet. I believe that's the real value you get from the sessions with her. Brenda is very dynamic and fun to work with and each session is full of information and useful insights. She is quite diligent and has a legendary commitment to her clients, making sure to follow up with you and your progress which contributes to establishing trust and good communication. I can't recommend her enough and I deeply appreciate her help.
Lawyer, Quebec
“Brenda was a fantastic, compassionate career coach. For my first experience working with a professional she was stellar! Her experience and candor is extremely valuable, and she has a wonderfully critical eye. I can't thank her enough!”
Ryan Ash
Human Resources, Ontario
"I recently had the pleasure of working with Brenda as my career coach, specifically for help with my resume and cover letter. Thanks to Brenda's guidance, I was able to create a resume and cover letter that I am proud of, and I feel more confident in my job search. I would highly recommend Brenda as a career coach to anyone in need of professional guidance."
Marketing Coordinator, British Columbia
“I had an outstanding experience with Brenda. From our initial consultation, she demonstrated professionalism and insightful guidance. Her tailored advice and valuable resources have been immense to my career journey. Working with her was not only productive but also a pleasant experience. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking expert career guidance.”
Akin Abe
Graphic Designer, Ontario
“Brenda is an outstanding coach, whose expertise and personalized guidance have been instrumental in refining my interview skills. Her insightful tips and hands-on practice sessions have equipped me with a profound understanding of effective interview techniques. As a result of working with Brenda, my confidence has seen a remarkable boost, providing me with a strong foundation for success in future interviews. I am truly grateful for her dedicated support and invaluable contributions to my professional development.”
Product Development, Ontario
"Brenda is a very hardworking and dedicated professional who really knows her stuff and anyone looking for the next step in their career should consider getting her services. She really has a lot of experience and that shows in her work. I am glad I came across her and could get the help I could get."
Procurement, British Columbia
"I originally attended a workshop with Brenda in 2017, when I was looking for a job. I benefitted a lot from all the tips and advise I received during the workshop with her, and was successful in getting multiple job offers. I hired her recently for a job application and was extremely satisfied with her professionalism and detailed guidance."
Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician, British Columbia
"Great working with Brenda. I found meetings very valuable and after working with Brenda I have a strategy and plan for my job search."
Chemical Engineer, Alberta
"Amazing coach with actionable, personalized, and diligent support that helped me go from lacking confidence and conviction to having the skills to tackle my future. Thorough, dedicated, actionable, and constructive. Amazing experience, you can't go wrong with investing in yourself and Brenda is the best person to do it with!"
Goal: Case Manager - Mental Health and Addictions, Ontario
"I really enjoyed working with Brenda. She put in an incredible effort to help me with not only my job search but also improving my resume and interview skills. You can tell she cares a great deal about her clients. She’s insightful and very knowledgeable, and is willing to go the extra mile! Would recommend to all. Thanks Brenda!"
Fintech, Ontario
"Brenda has an astounding knowledge of prevailing HR practices and provides her coachees with cutting-edge insights into the mind of hiring managers. Her acute observations help one identify the blind spots in one's application packages. Through conversation and in-depth discussion, she gently guides one to overcome potential challenges. Her style is affable and has an extremely pleasant disposition. Her innate generosity and goodness also shine through and I would be certain to knock at her door again."
Project Manager, British Columbia
“Absolutely incredible to work with. Highly Recommend 😎”
Liam McGowan
Floorhand - Well Drilling and Servicing, Alberta
“I worked with Brenda and found the experience to be refreshing. She provided me with the necessary tools and insider tips to succeed while guiding me on how to tailor my resume to stand out from a sea of applicants. I am really happy with my decision to use her services and benefit from her years of experience. Brenda provided me with job application strategies that boosted my confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in the job application process, as she will help you get to the next level!”
Customer Success Manager, Ontario
"Brenda made my transition from teaching to a writing career easier. I gained confidence in applying for jobs as she helped me restructure my resume and provided great insights into writing a cover letter that works."
Copywriter, Ontario
“Brenda was knowledgeable, professional took a genuine interest in my career success. She helped show me how to create a professional resume and gave me tips on creating a stand out cover letter and interview preparation tips. She worked with my budget and was always willing to answer my questions. I learned how to create a resume geared to the job posting and what employers are really looking for. Worth every penny and would highly recommend!”
Kristin Grant (Review 2
Associate, Licensure and Professional Corp., Ontario
“Brenda's job application package surpassed all my expectations. Not only did it assist me in revamping my resume, but it also provided invaluable insights into the job market and effective strategies for navigating it. If I could, I would give her services more than 5 stars!”
Business Consultant, Ontario
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Brenda not only did she help me on my career path journey, but she helped me gain confidence I did not have before. This was an amazing experience and I truly left feeling like the world was my oyster.”
Laura Williams
Brand Manager, Ontario
"Working with Brenda on my resume and cover letter, as well as interview prep, was pivotal in my efforts to find a new job. I was able to secure a new role with a substantial salary increase, and I attribute much of my success to Brenda’s coaching! If you’re looking to master the art of job searching, Brenda will be one of your best assets!"
Social Responsibility Advisor, Saskatchewan
"Brenda gave some great advice for my resume. Definitely was helpful in the resume writing process!"
Technical Writer, Ontario
"Brenda was a tremendous support! Professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and flexible based on my needs and schedule. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone requiring support for resumes, cover letters, interviews and job search."
Director of HR, Alberta
"Attending the career advancement session with Brenda was an exceptional experience. The session was informative, engaging, and well-structured. Brenda is such a helpful soul; she is knowledgeable, passionate, and provided valuable insights. I left feeling motivated and equipped with practical tools for my career. Highly recommended!"
Business Analyst (Supply Chain), Ontario
"THANK YOU so much to Brenda for her support and word of encouragement through the career development and job searching process. I can’t stress how much Brenda’s help and guidance meant to me and how tremendously useful her instructions, tips, and advice were. And most importantly, feeling that she was thinking of me and helping ease the emotional roller coaster job searching can be. I was reflecting on how this process was and was blown away by the fact that I first contacted Brenda in the beginning of June 2022 and just in a good one-month and a half I was able to land a job that fits what I was looking for. Just wow! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Brenda!"
Branch Operations Assistant (Banking), Ontario
"Working with Brenda means you are working with a highly skilled professional. She is the expert! She will show you what high-quality work is and will bring you to that standard with her coaching. She was very attentive to my questions. I highly recommend her service and I wish I had found her much sooner! "
Associate Film Producer, Ontario
"I had an eye opening first session with Brenda as a working mom seeking a complete professional shift. She guided me as I discovered how my personality, my interests and my values could intersect into a fulfilling career. She strikes me as a kind, knowledgeable, and insightful professional with whom I can confidently navigate this new chapter of my life."
Chemical Engineering , Quebec
"Found Brenda by chance off a Google search and hit the jackpot. She was extremely knowledgeable, informative, professional, and helpful. I can't say enough good about the help I got from Brenda."
Rob C.
Application to Masters Counselling Degree program, British Columbia
"Brenda's positivity and professionalism made the process of preparing for my career search a constructive and beneficial experience, as opposed to the chaotic and frustrating one I had been anticipating. She not only helped me transform my resume into something effective and impressive that I could be proud of, she also provided the direction and tools I needed to properly identify the career path most attuned and beneficial to me. I intend to continue applying her teachings as I move forward and will not hesitate to engage her for further services and advice as needed."
Proposal Writer/Manager, Ontario
"Very knowledgeable and experienced."
Emissions Analyzer Specialist - Oil and Gas, Alberta
"She is very personal, very well experienced, we only had the first meet and greet and it's been the perfect start! Looking forward to continuing working with her towards my goals."
Dora for Dayne
Retail Manager, Ontario
"Though I only had one session with Brenda, it feels like we had many. My session was for coaching on job applications and salary negotiations. Brenda was extremely excellent to work with… she’s a straight shooter who is also caring and kind. Brenda went above and beyond to follow up on my interview progress and help me get what I was looking for via email before and after my session. She also spent extra efforts making sure to boost my confidence while she worked with me. I really appreciate everything she did to help me secure the salary and role I was looking for. She even helped me negotiate my start date!"
Business Analyst, Ontario
"I had the pleasure of working with Brenda, an exceptional career coach who helped me with career assessment and resume building. Brenda's expertise and personalized approach made a significant difference in my career journey. She provided insightful career assessment, highlighting my strengths and potential paths. Her meticulous review and constructive feedback transformed my resume, making it more effective and tailored to job applications. Brenda's encouraging and supportive demeanor made the process enjoyable and stress-free. I highly recommend Brenda's services to anyone seeking professional guidance in their career development. Thank you, Brenda, for your invaluable assistance!"
Tejas P.
Product Manager, Ontario
"Brenda is very detail-oriented and passionate about the work she does. Her commitment to seeing her clients win is undeniable. She significantly upgraded my approach to resumes and cover letters and provided ample guidance on the search process. I am quite happy with the investment in her services."
Manager Graduate Programs - Student Success, Ontario
"Brenda has been very responsive and effective in providing valuable and clear directions to improve my resume and job search approach and strategy. Brenda has gone above and beyond what I was initially hoping to get from a Career Coach. I would strongly recommend Brenda for anyone looking for help with their career and job search."
Engineering Project Manager (Contractor), Ontario
"Working with Brenda was spot on. She provided exactly what I was looking for and helped me prepare better for interviews. A great find!"
Administration, Alberta
"Brenda helped me tailor my resume and cover letter for a career change. She was very supportive during the process and provided me with a wealth of information! I feel more confident about applying for positions and highly recommend using Brenda's career services!"
Michelle W
Technical Writer (Subject Matter Expert in the energy sector), Alberta
"This is for anyone who might be thinking about a career change, looking for interview preparation and/or assistance with resume/cover letter writing. Brenda is amazing she teaches from years of experience. She walks through the process explaining intricate details and tips and tricks throughout! So (if) you (have) a friend or family member is interested I can’t suggest anyone more highly! I’ll be setting my kids up with her so they have this knowledge early in their careers! Thank you Brenda for your amazing work and kindness."
Certified Counsellor, British Columbia
"I reached out to Brenda to work on my resume. She did great work revamping my resume in such short-time notice. I enjoyed her session and working together to understand her feedback."
Administrative Assistant, Quebec
“Brenda is caring, honest, knowledgeable, and professional. The framework she introduced was practical and easy to follow. Her replies were timely and thorough. Working with Brenda was pleasant and productive, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.”
Sr. Banking Manager, Ontario
"It was wonderful working with Brenda. She showed a high level of professionalism, and I am so thankful for what I have learned from her."
Oil and Gas Engineering (Production), Ontario
"I wish to highly appreciate the coaching session with Brenda. I really shifted from my way of writing a resume confusing it with a CV. I learn things to do and not to do, how to customize the resume for each application and do research about the employer to show interest and get more information. She also provided useful resources, information and contacts."
Human Resources Officer, Ontario
"I highly recommend Brenda’s services. Her career coaching process is so well structured and easy to follow and will help anyone to better understand themselves and their strengths, skills, and values. Throughout the process, Brenda is patient, professional, and highly knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure to work with Brenda."
Teacher (shifting to Insurance Broker), Ontario
"I was about to leave my career in IT as I was not getting any calls from any of the IT companies. I realized that I was making some mistakes in my resume and cover letters. I got the contact of Brenda through LinkedIn and in the first session I could understand why I was not getting any calls. Brenda is very experienced and very easily she made me an expert in making resumes and cover letters in a Canadian format. I would strongly suggest to people who are new to Canada please contact Brenda for career coaching or making a Canadian resume. Trust me, you will see a huge difference. Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and help. I got my confidence back."
IT Change, Release, and Incident Manager, Ontario
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