Job Search Strategies Over the Holidays

Looking for a new job? Don’t slow down during December! Read why you need to keep up your job search actions over the holidays!

While some companies may need to slow hiring to accommodate statutory holidays and vacation schedules, with approximately one million jobs available in Canada, plenty of hires are happening in December! I recommend continuing your job search actions, as strongly as usual, to surpass any candidates who don’t put in this effort.

As our country continues to experience mass retirement, labour and skills shortages, some companies cannot slow their human resource needs. Instead, companies may ramp up the application process during the month due to calendar year-end and budget allocation. Other companies may want to train new hires in December to be ready to perform at the beginning of the new year.

Not getting responses on recent submissions? The time of the year may have nothing to do with it! Are you using a competitive resume (not CV) style customized to every role and company? Be sure to check out my blog post, “Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting Responses,” for all the details.

Remember that online job boards are only a piece of the job search process and can’t be entirely relied on, as networking continues to be the #1 way to access the “hiddenjob market and get work in Canada. December is a great time to increase your weekly networking activities and appointments (e.g., informational interviews with target companies, hiring decision-makers, and related professionals). This is one of the best networking opportunities of the year!

Conduct a Google search for local or online job fairs happening this month. For example: ‘job fairs Vancouver December 2023‘’ or ‘online job fairs Toronto December 2023’. There is specific preparation that employers at job fairs expect and have asked us to ensure from clients. Contact me to request the Job Fair Preparation handout from my Back Door Strategies package.

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