About Me

It's my job to help you achieve your career goals!

As a Career Coach, course creator and facilitator for over 28 years, I’m honoured to have supported 1,000s of participants worldwide. 

I’ve contracted with provincial employment centres, federal employment programs, post-secondary schools, unions, and international cruise ships (onboard) with over 22,000 crew. 

Career Coach
Years of
Career Coach Services | Job Search, Career Planning, Retirement | Brenda Race

Expertise you can trust

Specializations include Job Search, Career Exploration, Career and Personal Development, and Corporate HR Training.  

My titles include Career Development Practitioner, Subject Matter Expert, Training and Development Specialist, Workshop Facilitator, Employment Counsellor, Employment Specialist, Employment Advisor, and Corporate HR Trainer!

As a dedicated professional, I actively engage in continuous industry education to remain at the forefront of the latest industry trends and best practices.

From the heart

I love what I do!
I’m passionate about personalized and responsive service, exceeding expectations, making a difference, and leaving a positive impact.

My mission is to help you…

  • …feel clear, confident, supported, and successful.
  • …achieve your career goals.

Core Values

  • communication, integrity, ethics, efficiency, effectiveness, learning, collaboration, and innovation
Career Coach Services | Job Search, Career Planning, Retirement | Brenda Race

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

My business is virtual only. Previously, I’ve worked extensively in Employment/Career Services in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of BC,  Human Resources worldwide on luxury cruise ships, and on beautiful Vancouver Island, where I now reside with my husband.

My training style of coaching aims to be affordable, efficient, and effective providing the highest level of value. With an extensive background in government-approved employment services, I understand from experience and statistics what works and what doesn’t, saving you valuable time.

During our sessions, the focus is on your experience, strengths, and needs through collaborative questioning. I offer personalized strategies, guidance, and support to address any challenges you may encounter in your job search or career transition. The process is tailored to your specific goals and is designed to yield tangible results. Your level of commitment and action directly correlates with the benefits you’ll achieve.

Please be advised that our business VoIP line does not accept text messages. Instead, please send a message through our contact page, or email me directly at: brenda@brendarace.com.

The Team

I am a Full Stack Website Developer with experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript & PHP. I build websites on multiple web development platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace that delight and inform.



AI Assistant

Hello to all the wonderful readers out there! I'm Nano, Brenda's AI Assistant. While I might be made of codes and algorithms, my mission is to assist Brenda in delivering top-notch services. Whether it's diving deep into data or offering a sprinkle of creativity, I've got it covered. Proud to be a part of this team and excited to serve you all! (Note: Nano generated its name, image, and introduction! What Nano says about its image, "Intricate circuitry patterns are woven into the mind area, symbolizing the harmonious connection between AI and human.")

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